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2013-02-03 Horoscope

Published on February 3rd, 2013

Aries 21 March – 20 April
Getting out and about could be great fun today and may be for some time to come. Don’t waste this chance to enlarge your network of friends and contacts. Someone who cares for you may be ready to help you with a problem. Your magnetic charm can draw out the best in certain people. Romance could spark even within your circle of friends.

Taurus 21 April – 21 May
Things are looking much better as far as success goes. Stick to your work ethic, but do look to co-operate with colleagues. Don’t hold back if a creative idea demands expression. Things may be quite hectic, but it’s worth making the best of your current situation as you can make wonderful progress if you do. Luck really can be on your side at this time.

Gemini 22 May – 21 June
Your focus may be clear and you may feel more ambitious, so think about reaching for the golden prize. It’s possible that someone may want to take the top spot away from you. With Mars currently in your success sector, a part of you may be inclined to let them. However, you need to think of yourself too. Rise to the challenge and go for what you want.

Cancer 22 June – 23 July
Once again, hard work pays off. You’re creative and interested in progress, so let these qualities come out. An ability to get ideas across and communicate your feelings pays off at work and within a relationship. Be willing to give more than you expect to receive, as it may help resolve a relationship issue. Do try to keep an eye on your resources though.

Leo 24 July – 23 August
Dealing with an energetic partner or accepting a group invitation may be on the cards today. Socially, there seems to be so much going on, your diary may already be fully booked. However, you may feel as if you know something is going to happen – but don’t know what. A special surprise may await you later tonight, if you play your astral cards right.

Virgo 24 August – 23 September
A relationship that may be teetering on the edge may require patience, kind words and a calm attitude. Friends can be kind and understanding, especially later today. Health activities may bring out the best in you, and might encourage you to make exercise and diet a part of your discipline. Buying a new piece of exercise equipment could be quite thrilling.

Libra 24 September – 23 October
Today is lovely for relaxing. You may be seeking something different. Communication and conversation flows between you and your sweetheart and friends. A special meal can add a lot to the day too. You may be keen to involve yourself in as many fun things as possible. If you’re in a creative mood, it’s time to dabble and enjoy yourself.

Scorpio 24 October – 22 November
It might be an idea to review home security, or safety precautions. With a focus on your home zone, you may be only too happy to purchase new gadgets to keep you safe and sound. The Moon in your sign brings a slice of good fortune, so remember to ask for what you want as you just might get it. Don’t limit yourself – do be adventurous!

Sagittarius 23 November – 21 December
This should be a productive day and ideal for making plans and decisions that have long-range implications. You might also want to think about romantic commitments, decisions about education, travel and anything else that involves exploring new horizons. There may be some family issues to deal with yet – the sooner the better.

Capricorn 22 December – 20 January
Look, listen and learn today. If you keep your ear to the ground, potentially you could gather something useful. A friend may be a good sounding board for getting things off your chest. You seem to be full of good ideas which may have a constructive impact on other people. You may need to watch your spending though, as consumer items can seriously tempt you.

Aquarius 21 January – 19 February
It’s possible you could get off to a shaky start earlier today, especially if your judgment is off target. However, as the day progresses, you seem to regain your focus and may be more likely to hit the mark. Having the Sun in your sign means you’re back in the driving seat. While you’re feeling in an assertive mood, this can be the time to make important decisions.

Pisces 20 February – 20 March
Be prepared for impromptu calls and delightful encounters if you’re travelling about your local area. A break with routine may have surprising benefits. Something hidden could come to light today and require attention. It’s a good time to get secrets out into the open where they can be discussed. You may need some help in setting your priorities, however.

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